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Gutter Installation In Colorado Springs, CO

When  installing new 5” K-Style gutter and corrugated down spouts,....

what Costa Gutter uses:
  • 5” formed on-site gutter
  • 5” hidden hangers spaced no more than 3' apart
  • 2”x 3” rectangle spouts
  • 3”x 4” rectangle spouts
  • 4”x 5” rectangle spouts (installed on your existing 6” or larger gutter)
  • True-to-spout-size oval outlets
  • Snug fitting wrap around down spout straps in matching spout color
  • Locally custom made collector heads

Gutter Colors

what Costa Gutter does NOT use:
  • Inferior factory fabricated box or strip miter corners
  • Small, round, restrictive dixie-cup outlets
  • Outdated spike and ferrule tubes for affixing gutter

Costa Gutter:

5” K-Style Gutter

5” K-Style Gutter

3”& 4” Oval Outlets
3”& 4” Oval Outlets
5” hidden hanger

5” hidden hanger

Down Spout Straps  (Snug to the wall fit)
  Down Spout Straps
(Snug to the wall fit)
 3”x 4”  &   2”x 3”

3”x 4”  &   2”x 3”

Collector Head/Box
Local Custom Collector Head/Box

A little more on Outlets:

Using the proper size outlet is key to free flowing down spouts.  Unlike some installers who use cheap, 3” round 'dixie cup' outlets, or no outlets at all, we use the proper fitting 3” and 4” oval outlets.  We have even discovered where companies attempting to save money have used the little 'dixie cup' outlets when installing up-sized, 3”x 4” down spouts, choking off the flow of water.  Costa Gutter NEVER takes shortcuts like these.

Spouts Top: 4” oval – used by Costa Gutter on 3x4 spouts

Middle: 3” oval – used by Costa Gutter 2x3 spouts

Bottom: tiny 'dixie cup', used by others, but NEVER used by Costa Gutter

TIP- when replacing spouts, consider upgrading from 2”x 3” to larger, more efficient, less likely to clog 3”x 4”.

Custom cut and made gutter corners by Costa Gutter:

Costa Gutter Costa Gutter Costa Gutter
NOT Costa Gutter - factory fabricated corners and strip miter gutter corners, prone to leaks and high maintenance:
Not Costa Gutter Not Costa Gutter Not Costa Gutter Not Costa Gutter
Factory Corners Trying to connect inside & outside Factory Corners StripMiter