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Gutter Installation and Replacement in Colorado Springs

Being Cheapest Is Not Our Goal. Rather, Costa Gutter Strives To Be The Best, Most Reliable Gutter Company at a Fair Price

Costa Gutter installs quality gutter for residential homes all across Colorado Springs. We are proud to form our gutter on-site, ensuring that each piece of gutter is custom made for the unique measurements of your home. When we replace gutter, and Costa Gutter handles the tear off the existing pieces, we haul all the debris from your property. You may elect remove it yourself for a savings. Should you opt to handle the removal yourself, if you choose, we will haul it away for a small fee. After the old pieces have been removed, we proceed with forming and hanging new gutter.  We do installation for residential homes, new builds, and even small repair projects.

High Quality Materials

5” K-Style Gutter Formed On-Site

 5” Hidden Hangers: Spaced no More Than 3' Apart

Rectangle Spouts:

2” x 3” and 3" x 4" on 5" Gutter.  4" x 5" on Your Larger Gutter. 

True-to-Spout-Size Oval Outlets

  Down Spout Straps 
(Snug to the wall fit): Color is Matched to Spouts

What Costa Gutter Does NOT Use

  • Inferior factory fabricated box or strip miter corners
  • Small, round, restrictive dixie-cup outlets
  • Outdated spike and ferrule tubes for affixing gutter

Gutter Replacement Services_edited.jpg
Bad Gutter Installation_edited.jpg
Quality Gutter Installation_edited.jpg


Using the proper size outlet is key to free flowing down spouts.  While perfectly acceptable, unlike some installers who use less expensive, smaller 3” round 'dixie cup' outlets, Costa Gutter only uses larger, 3” and 4” oval outlets.  

Avoid using anyone that uses no outlets at all. Instead of installing outlets, they will X-cut a hole in the gutter and bend the tabs down. This is an inferior, low quality trick used to save them money.

Top Outlet: tiny 'dixie cup', used by others, but NEVER used by Costa Gutter

Middle Outlet: 3” oval – used by Costa Gutter 2x3 spouts

Bottom Outlet: 4” oval – used by Costa Gutter on 3x4 spouts

*On mobile devices photo may appear flipped.

TIP- when replacing spouts, consider upgrading from 2”x 3” to larger, more efficient, less likely to clog 3”x 4”.

Gutter Color Options

We are proud to offer several different color options for our steel seamless gutter systems. For every new installation job that we do, you are able to pick out the color that you'd like that would best match the exterior of your home. All of our color options also allow us to better match existing gutter whenever you need a repair or a new piece of material.


Warranty Options: Depending on what color you choose, you can request the manufacturer's warranty for your product. You can read about our available options here.

Free Estimates for Seamless Gutters in Colorado Springs

Costa Gutter provides 100% FREE estimates to homeowners for gutter jobs. Whether you are needing gutter for a brand new building, or need your old gutter torn off, we are the number one choice in gutter installation for Colorado Springs. Contact us today!

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