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Q: What do you feel is the best: aluminum or steel gutters?

A: While both products are acceptable in Colorado, due to lower humidity and less salt, we get to use steel. It is thicker and stronger and is more resistant to dings and dents, including from hail. Due to less expansion and contraction than aluminum, steel is far less likely to warp and become misshapen.

Q: Can you tell me what drip flashing or edge metal is?

A: Drip flashing is a separate piece of metal that goes up and under the shingles and down into the back of the gutter. It helps prevent leaking between the gutter and fascia board.

Q: What is the best way of attaching the gutters?

A: We have found that using Hidden Hangers is the most dependable way of attaching gutter to the fascia. While spike and ferrules (big nails) was once the norm, they are prone to working themselves out which can cause the gutter to sag, lead to water running behind the gutter, and can even cause gutters to fall off. Hidden Hangers are affixed with Neoprene (washer head) screws, significantly reducing the chances of this happening.

Q: What about gutter covers or screens?

A: We install EZ Lock gutter screen. EZ Lock gutter screens work well against larger debris, such as broad leaves, sticks and broken shingles, and are very economical. Nothing keeps all debris out without compromising the efficiency of the system.

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