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Colorado Springs Gutter Cleaning Services

What's in Your Gutters?

You would be amazed at what can end up in gutters and spouts. That is why it is important to get your gutters cleaned at least once a year.  If you wait too long and a spout becomes plugged, then freezes, splitting the spout at the seam, you could end up with a costly repair that could have been prevented.  Years of debris left in your gutters can also ruin them.  If you feel safe enough to do it yourself, great! But if you would rather not, call Costa Gutter, it may even be possible to quote you a price right over the phone.


We also offer a great pre-paid gutter cleaning program, buy 4 cleanings, get the 5th free.  Not only do you get the 5th free, but you have locked in the price for 5 cleanings.

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EZ-Lock Screen

After your gutters have been cleaned, consider installing EZ-Lock screen or metal, egg-beater-style down spout strainers.  We do not recommend hood style covers, more on that later.

EZ-Lock screen is made of coated metal that holds it shape well and keeps larger leaves and debris out of the gutters. While occasional rinsing of the gutters is still required, it is typically quick and easy to remove 1 or 2 section of the screen and use a hose to push the smaller debris down and out your spouts. Do not confuse metal coated EZ-Lock screen with the plastic mesh screen you can buy at your local store. Unlike plastic mesh that can collapse into the gutter under just a small amount of weight, EZ-Lock Screen is rigid and can support the weight of leaves, twigs and other debris.

Metal Egg Beater Down Spout Strainer

Metal Egg-Beater-Style downspout strainers help prevent large clumps of debris from washing down into the spout where it could become lodged, plugging your spout, much like a plugged pipe in your house.  When this happens the gutters fill to the top with water and overflow.  Putting in Egg-Beater—Style strainers help prevent plugs. Gutters themselves will still need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Why Costa Gutter does NOT recommend Hood-Style Covers

Hood style covers just do not live up to their hype. While they do keep out most debris, they also cause water to shoot over the gutter in downpours. In the winter time they form dangerous icicles. As these icicles melt they drip water onto walkways below, which then re-freezes when temperatures drop.  In addition to these issues, soot, silt, dust and seeds on your roof, flow with rain water into your gutter. Over time a thick, heavy muck builds in the gutter, becoming so heavy, it starts to pull the gutters off the house. We have even seen it pull entire soffits off homes.  Seeds can also sprout and start growing out of the slits in the hood.  During dry seasons, hood-style covers offer a great shelter for wasps, bees and other small critters to build their hives and nests.  All these issues are very costly to remedy and most likely impossible to do yourself.

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