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Gutter Hail Damage Repair and Replacement

Hail Damage?

Hail damage in Colorado Springs is no surprise to us residents, especially during the summer months. If you've been through a major hail storm lately, it is likely that your roof and gutter system have been damaged and will need repair very shortly after. Hail dents in your gutters can cause leaks, pooling water, damaged downspouts and outlets, broken gutter hangers, and many other factors that can jeopardize the way that water is directed away from your home. This is why it is very important to call in a local gutter expert after a hail storm, so that these issues can be avoided before the next rainfall.


Costa Seamless Gutter Service is proud to be that local expert, as we've been serving Colorado Springs for nearly 20 years. We are very experienced with gutter hail damage, including dealing with residential insurance claims. Give us a call us for an estimate, or click below below to download our FREE Gutter Insurance Guide!

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Repair and Replacement Process

Unfortunately, there is no "un-denting" of your gutters. We can't pop out a hail dent on a piece of gutter like you could a car door. This means that if your gutters have been damaged by hail, they will need to be replaced. At Costa Gutter, we do our best to match the new material with your existing system. We have a wide selection of colors that we can choose from to make sure there isn't a visual disruption for your gutter system. When we replace gutters after hail, we also look for damage to any of the hangers, outlets, and downspouts to make sure that there is no further damage to these essential pieces. 

If you are in need of gutter replacement after a hail storm, send us a message! Once you've collaborated with your insurance company, we can get started on your repairs. We are experts in gutter hail damage insurance claims, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

FREE Gutter Insurance Guide

Here at Costa Seamless Gutter Service, we love to share our expertise. From our years of experience working with residential hail damage insurance claims, we know what needs to happen to ensure full compensation for gutter damage, if your policy allows. That's why we've created a FREE Gutter Insurance Guide that you can download and give to your insurance adjuster. This has all the information that they need to make sure that you receive full compensation. Download this guide, and contact us if you have any further questions!


You can also learn more about gutter insurance claims by reading our blog post: How to Make the Most of Your Insurance: Gutter Hail Damage.

About Costa Gutter

Costa Seamless Gutter Service is proud to be a multi-year Angie's List Super Service award winner, as well as A+ BBB rated company. We have been serving Colorado Springs since 2002, and have decades of experience with installing custom metal seamless gutter systems. Call today for a free estimate!

Areas we serve:

  • Colorado Springs

  • Falcon, 80831

  • Fountain, 80817

  • Security-Widefield, 80911

  • Manitou Springs, 80829

  • And more

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Signs of Gutter Hail Damage

The most obvious sign of hail damage on your gutters are the visible dents. These can be sized anywhere from quarter-sized to golf ball-sized - even baseball-sized depending on the severity of the hail! However, there are other signs that your gutter system has been damaged. Keep an eye out for:

  • Dents

  • Gutters, hangers, or outlets that are hanging off or appear loose

  • Roof shingle granules near your downspouts

To learn more about what to do after a hail storm, read our latest blog post: Gutter Hail Damage: What to do After You’ve Been Hit

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