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Gutter Hail Damage: What to do After You’ve Been Hit

Over the past 30 years that our has been in Colorado Springs, we’ve witnessed our fair share of hail storms. In fact, Colorado takes second place for the number of hail claims of all the states in the US, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. Over the past ten years, hail has caused over $3 billion worth of reported damages in CO.

The hail storm that hit Fountain June 12th proves the data to be just as accurate in 2018, as the 3” hail bombarded roofs, windshields, and gutter systems, leaving many homeowners scrambling to find honest and quick contractors to repair the damage done. If you were a part of this storm or want to know how to prepare for hail in the future, our team at Costa Seamless Gutter System has prepared a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for hail damage repair, especially as it applies to your gutter systems.

Hail Storm in Colorado Springs

Step One: Inspect Your Gutter System for Hail Damage

If your roof has been damaged by hail, your gutters have most likely been affected as well. Even though your gutter system has been designed to bare the weight of rain, snow, and ice, hail can damage even the strongest of gutter systems. Hail dents in your gutters may cause leaks, pooling water, damaged downspouts and outlets, broken gutter hangers, can all jeopardize the way that water is directed away from your home.

After a storm hits, go around your home and try to identify any visible signs of hail damage. Walk below your gutters to inspect for dents, check for any pieces that are hanging off or appear loose, and look near your downspouts for granules from roof shingles. If any of these signs are evident, the next step is to contact your insurance provider.

Step Two: Call Your Insurance Company

Before you start researching professional gutter companies or roofing contractors, the first thing to do is call your insurance company. They are the ones who will come out to assess the damage that has been done in order to compensate you according to your policy. Your gutters are part of your home, which means that the claims adjuster should account for all parts of the system, including the gutters themselves, the downspouts, spout extensions and gutter covers (if you have them). Before your adjuster arrives, you can download our free gutter insurance guide below to give to them. This document has everything an adjuster needs to know about how to compensate you fully for your gutter claim.

Step Three: Call in Professionals

The best order of operations for getting hail damage repaired is as follows:

1) Call your insurance

2) Call a roofing company

3) Call a professional gutter company

It is VERY important that you get people who specialize in whatever industry that you need repaired, rather than a general contractor, or a do-it-all handyman company. Sometimes, roofers will offer to complete the gutter work, but this often results in lower quality gutter materials and poor installation, simply because their specialty is roofing, NOT gutters. If your policy allows coverage for hail damage, your insurance provider will cover the cost to repair both your roof and your gutter, regardless of whether you have one contractor or two.

A expert gutter company, like Costa Seamless Gutter Service, will have things like a Better Business Bureau rating, awards from places like Home Advisor and Angie’s List, and positive reviews. Be sure to call these companies yourself. Sometimes after large hail storms, people will try to “scam” homeowners by going door to door. Always do your research about a company before allowing them to make repairs on your home!

Step Four: Gutter Repair and Replacement

The last step is getting your gutter system fixed! In most cases, the damaged gutter will need to be completely replaced. You cannot undo a dent in a gutter like you can a dent on a car. A great gutter company will offer a variety of colors, Costa Gutter offers steel color options from two local suppliers for you to pick from. If you are trying to match an existing color, and that color is no longer available, your insurance company may be obligated to replace the entire system, even if there are some parts and pieces that have no damage. If your original system was one, matching color, you may be entitled to be made whole by being compensated for a new, system, also of one, matching color.

Have More Questions? Call Costa Gutter!

We are proud to be an honest, education-based company. When you work with Costa Seamless Gutter Service, a local, 18 year+ company, you are working with gutter professionals. Jim Costa, your owner/install, has been doing gutters in Colorado Springs for 30+ years, we have a A+ BBB rating, and multiple Angie’s List Super Service Awards. We service all of Colorado Springs, as well as Fountain, Security-Widefield, Fort Carson, and more. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for gutter hail damage, installation, or replacement!


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