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Seamless Gutter FAQ

There's a reason we named our company “Costa Seamless Gutter Service.” When it comes to gutters, we want to provide you with the utmost quality, durability, and superiority, which is why we only offer steel seamless gutter systems. Education is one of the most important values that we hold, which is why we’ve outlined a few of the questions you may have.

Q: Why are gutters important?

Imagine if your home didn’t have a gutter system. Whenever it rained, water would shoot off your roof and start to flow around your home, having no clear direction on where to go. This offshoot of water, either from dama

ged gutters or a lack of gutters, can cause serious damage to your house, including the foundation, flooding to a basement, erosion of soil and landscaping, rotting of fascia board, and even damage to your paint and siding.

To prevent these costly and time-consuming damages, every home should consider a seamless rain gutter system. Seamless gutters redirect the flow of water that lands on the roof away from your home. This helps ensure a home’s foundation stays healthy.

Q: What is the difference between seamless gutters and sectional gutters?

We believe in providing the highest quality of product to our customers, which is why we ONLY offer seamless gutter systems—we even make them ourselves, right on site, to ensure complete customization for your home. Sectional gutters are individual pieces of material (typically only 10 feet long) that are connected by seamed connectors. This gutter system has many parts and pieces like drop out

lets, factory fabricated corners, and DIY flex offsets. All these individual parts are assembled together like a puzzle on your roof.

However, this can cause more harm than good. Each seam you add to your systems, increases the chance of failure. Each individual piece creates a 'weak link' in your gutter system, and the more 'weak links' you have, the higher chance there is for system failure.

Q: How are seamless gutters made and installed?

Seamless gutters are formed on site. They are made from a steel coil, then cut to the lengths that are needed. They have no connectors (strip miters) and have few (if any) seams. The gutter is run out in one smooth piece. At Costa Gutter, we even custom make corner pieces so that you end up with only one seam at the actual corner. This is opposed to 3 seams at the corner, which you end up with when factory fabricated corners are used.

While gutter can be run out for hundreds of feet, there are rare cases that may require a gutter run to be put up in more than one section. When this rare event occurs—from things like work obstacles or an extremely long length—Costa Gutter laps the pieces together by sliding one section into the other. We then secure it and seal it on the inside with professional sealant. Many people do not even notice this professionally crafted seam unless it is pointed out to them.

TIP ~ If your home has gutters that connect around corners, make sure whoever you hire to install your gutter system, knows how to make custom miter corners and does not use inferior strip-miter or factory fabricated corners.

Q: Why choose seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters protect better against leaks, as the water has nowhere to go but out the downspout. There are no (or fewer) seams that allow drips of water to escape. Seamless gutter systems are also much more durable than sectional systems. They can withstand more weight without bending, warping, or leaking.

TIP ~ When replacing gutter and spouts, consider up-sizing your spouts from standard 2x3 to significantly more efficient 3x4. These are less likely to become plugged by debris.

Q: Do your seamless gutters come in various shapes, sizes, or materials?

We only install steel gutters since for our climate here in Colorado Springs, as they are preferred over the thinner gauge aluminum. The quality of steel makes it so that your gutters do not need replaced nearly as often due to their sturdiness, resistance to warping and alloys that help reduce chances of rust. In Colorado, we get to use steel.

In regard to size and shape, we install K-Style (also known as Ogee) 5-inch gutters, 2x3 spouts and 3x4 spouts. If you have pre-existing 6” guttering, we can install 4x5 spouts. We also install some commercial box style gut

ter and spouts. However, these are not seamless and are made by a local fabricator.

Q: Are their various colors to choose from?

Costa Gutter is proud to offer many color choices which allows you to customize the exterior appearance of your home. You can select from a deep forest Evergreen, elegant Eggshell, earthy Musket Brown, even crisp Tahoe Blue, just to name a few. We want your gutters to fit your needs while complementing your home.

Q: Do you have a warranty?

The manufactures/suppliers of the coils and spouts we install offer Long-Term warranties on their products. They warranty against chips, peeling, flaking, or blistering, not caused by nature or third party damage.

Want to learn more about seamless gutters?

Give us a call! We provide full installation services for residential homes in Colorado Springs, as well as gutter cleaning, repair, and regular maintenance for your gutter system. If you’d like to learn more about what we do or schedule a free estimate, please call us or you can contact us via our website.

Costa Seamless Gutter Service


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